Final Level Channel

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The Challenge

About the channel - How it started

Final Level's initial vision was to be a Youtube Channel in which creators would meet and produce videos. We focused on creating relevant, highly engaging content that is delivered in a multi-channel strategy to our fan base.

We have currently attracted millions of dollars in sponsorships from major brands such as Coca-Cola and Subway and been able to close 6 investment deals, as we keep fine-tuning our vision to engage in new verticals and to reach even broader audiences.

Some of our numbers so far

we launched on August 2018

• Youtube Channel with 4.2 Million subscribers

• 2nd largest organization on TikTok in Brazil

• Highest engagement account on TikTok Brazil

• We have adapted to new channels (TikTok) and established our brand as a leader.

How the channel works

Our main asset is Gameland - a thematic house in Rio de Janeiro where 4 creators live (we call them gamelanders) and produce content for the Final Level channel and their own channels. It was the first content house in Brazil, a meeting place between the biggest influencers in the community and where we have space to create incredible stories for fans and partners.

With the success of the house, we saw an opportunity to increase our engagement and bring more content to our sponsors, bringing other creators from the gaming community for collabs with gamelanders. So far we have more than 15 influencers actively participating and others on demand.

My responsibilities

From the early days of pre-launch planning to the current date, I've been directly involved in the strategy and day by day operations of Final Level. It's very dynamic work and we have a lot of things to do. My budget was limited and I had to act in different roles and collaborate with areas of our company. I built a small team and invested in planning so everyone could have a clear idea of the demands, while my team and I produced all the necessary materials. This role has taught me to deal with all kinds of people - from influencers to producers

Investor Relations and Sales Pitches

There are currently 5 investors in Final Level and 6 sponsors. I was responsible for preparing all the media kits for sales presentations, pitches, and follow-up reports to all the meetings that led to the success of this area. All the initial sponsors renewed their contracts with higher investments.

Day-to-day operations

It was a big challenge to produce and publish one video per day with a small team. As head of Design, I am directly responsible for all the Development Pipeline of all media assets and supplement materials for the videos. I've implemented a Kanban Board to manage tasks and guarantee that all deadlines are met. With this methodology, everyone in the organization was on the same page with the production of the assets for the videos and social media.


- Photo shooting concept
- Final Level logo Rebrand
- New design materials for the all-new creators at Final Level Hub