Final Level Cast

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The Challenge

Final Level Cast was an idea that originated from two Final Level employees, gamers at heart, who saw an opportunity to talk about trends and curiosities from the gaming world to an older audience on YouTube. The idea was approved at first with one condition: they needed to generate content during work hours in the office. Quickly, we formed a small team made up of highly motivated people that were able to publish the first episode in January 2020. My role was to develop the identity of the podcast, and that needed to be part of the same universe as our main brand (Final Level) but having a more refined look aimed at an older demographic. Besides developing the brand, I was in charge of the sales & marketing presentation that led us to close deals with two sponsors right of the bat, and that were key players in making the project grow. On social media, we had a strategy where we would reveal the special themes of episodes prior to their air date, as well as our special guests and exciting things our spectators and listeners could look forward to.

What made us stand out:

Our love for this project was key in making us reach really high numbers from the start. It truly was a collaborative project very dear to our hearts. Here are some relevant KPI's achieved on the first six months of Final Level Cast:

• Top 10 on Spotify on the games podcast category.


• Listeners in over 16 countries.

• More than 22 thousand listeners overall.