Studio Onda

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The Challenge

A large audiovisual production company with more than 8 years of market experience and focused on shooting outdoor sports and surf lifestyle needed to show customers that it was expanding its area of expertise. From lives on YouTube to filming in the studio. The company is always open to new projects. The company's original name was the name of the founder, who wanted to get rid of the idea of a family business to achieve the new goals. I partnered with a marketing specialist in this project. Our goal was to do a study of the brand, new market positioning, brand persona and naming.

The new name

Onda in Portuguese means Wave. Wave represents a bit of all concepts we wish to communicate to the public.

Waves are in the roots of the founder, a kitesurfer that is tightly connected to the ocean. Waves are also in the roots of the beginning of the company - it started as a sports outdoor lifestyle film making.

In the context of the ocean, a wave represent a strong, flexible, adaptable, respectful, beautiful and inspiring medium. And the beauty of this name is that it embraces another context. A context that bridges the gap between the past and the new brand positioning. The context of wave as in sound wave is the future of the brand. A digital, connected, technological brand.

The new symbol

In order to communicate the brand values as explained above, we needed a great coloring scheme, a new symbol and a modern typeface. Although blue is often conceived as the color of the sea, the main goal of this color usage was to bring solidity to the brand, which reflects a 8-years old business. As a business that adapts and is now ready for creativity and innovation, the purple bridges the gap with the digital world. The end result is a non-traditional, modern, innovative brand. That´s positioned in the future but kept ties with the roots of the company.